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Thank you for taking the time to visit a Gray Day Training. I hope you will easily find the answers to your horse training conundrums.

Now, since you are here it is likely you are in need of some assistance in Basic Horsemanship – being new to horses or perhaps you are seeking a Horse Trainer to provide some direction in coping with a Problem Horse. If you are seeking natural horse training methods...

You have come to the right place!

At a Gray Day Training, the only absolute belief I have about horses is “A horse cannot learn to speak English, but a human can learn to speak Horse” (Valerie Gray). The “Horse” language is universal. Learning to speak “Horse” is the key to horse training. No matter whether you are starting, building or improving the relationship, attitude and behavior of all horses at any level or discipline.

Utilizing natural horse training methods to teach a horse to recognize their status in the human world and instructing humans in the steps needed for maintaining this relationship is the most basic aspect of horsemanship, and is often overlooked or undervalued.

Learning to communicate with your horse in their own language, establishing your position as Alpha, teaching ground manners, and correcting problems is the type of horse training I undertake with horses and owners. Once the Horse language is understood and the correct relationship is established, any problems the horse displays can be addressed using simple methods for defining the desired behavior.

“Val, you always make it so easy to understand what a horse is saying” (Carolyne Coleman).

3 Boys in Motion

Horse Training services include:

  • Learning to speak the “Horse” language
  • Round Pen Training, Foundation Building, Ground Manners, Problem Horses and Colt Starting
  • New Owners or Beginners Ages 14 and Up to learn Facts about Horses, Basic Horsemanship, How to Ride a Horse and Horseback (Horse Back) Riding Lessons
  • Instruction in How to Train a Horse or Maintain a Level of Training
  • Available for Onsite Horse Training  - in Eastern Ohio (OH), Western Pennsylvania (PA), and Northern West Virginia (WV)
  • Rehabilitation for Adopted Mustang Rescues and Retired Racehorses (Race Horse)
  • Full service Training with Horse Boarding included is available

ally wondering what's upI am willing to work with any level of horse, owner, rider or combination to assist in reaching the desired relationship. I understand the difficulties faced by new owners unskilled in the basicsof horsemanship and unsure of how to manage such an animal.

I have felt the desire to learn about these marvelous creatures and share a part of my life with them.

Most important, for the owner’s who have cried in frustration over the antics of a problem horse, are willing to try anything to find a cure, help is available. Give me a call and we can work together to assess your situation and discover a way to change ‘a gray day into a sunny day’ for you and your equine friends.


Specific information for All Services can be found on:

The Services tab details the various types of training offered
TheTraining tab gives specifics for the training programs and fees for services
The Hauling tab details possible trip charges and rates
The Contact Me tab gives a list of major localities served
The Requirements tab lists details for onsite training requirements
The Contracts tab gives access to my contracts for review or download
Please email me with any questions ~ vgrayhorses@graydaytraining.com

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