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Dakota coming inHorse Training Services

Horse Training
Beginning Horsemanship Lessons
Travel Horse Training

Horse Training or Rider and Horse Training includes but is not limited to:

  • Learning to speak the Horse language
  • Horseback Riding Lessons
  • Round Pen Training
  • Foundation Building
  • Ground Manners – Problems with horses Crowding, Rearing, Kicking, Striking, and other bad habits
  • Respect – Defining Humans as Herd Leader, also “My Space” and “Your Space”
  • Breaking Bad Habits – Refusal to: Stand, Tie, Lead, Saddle, Bridle, Load, etc
  • How to Maintain Training in your Horse
  • Racehorse Retraining & Rehabilitation
  • Wild Mustang Training & Rehabilitation
  • Colt Starting and Breaking Horses

Lessons in Basic Horsemanship for all Beginners Age 14 and Up

Includes but is not limited to the correct way to:

  • Levi ready to goAssess and approach a horse
  • Catch and Halter a horse
  • Lead and Tie a horse
  • Groom and Pick up a horse’s feet
  • Saddle and Bridle a Horse
  • Mount and Dismount a Horse
  • Speak the Horse language
  • How to Ride a horse in Western or English style
  • Other activities that are a part of a typical life interacting with horses

Travel to your facility for Horse Training:

  • All of the training techniques noted above can be performed at your facility. The owner or rider is encouraged to participate in each lesson.
  • I will travel to Western Pennsylvania (PA), Eastern Ohio (OH) and Northern West Virginia (WV) to assist in the training of a horse(s) onsite at your location.  
  • Please visit the Requirements Page for minimum facilities needed.
  • Please visit the Travel page for possible Trip Charges.


  • I am Not offering Beginning Horsemanship Lessons to Children Age 13 & Under
  • Hauling is performed to and from facilities Only for duration of training

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